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Weekender Set

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These were made for each other...and made for road trips and long weekends. Our Weekender (made from durable, spill-proof EcoCraft Canvas®) features smart straps that slip over the handle of the carbon-neutral Aviator Carry-On. Some things are just better together.

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  • For road trips and long weekends
  • Fits a combined 6 days worth of clothes, 2 pairs of shoes and a wash kit 
  • Aviator is carbon-neutral—we offset all of the emissions from sourcing, assembly, shipping, and delivery and include the estimated carbon emissions of the first plane trip with the Aviator  
  • Aviator features smooth, 360° double spinner wheels with carbon steel bearings, an interior compression board, a scuff-hiding textured finish, smart interior pockets, and a removable laundry bag 
  • Aviator Negative Nylon® lining made from 15 recycled plastic bottles 
  • Weekender EcoCraft Canvas® is durable, spill-proof, stain-repellent—and made from 12 recycled plastic bottles, featuring recycled vegan leather details 
  • Weekender features recycled vegan leather details 
  • Weekender’s smart straps slip over the trolley of your carry-on 
  • Aviator Carry-On fits in airplane overhead compartments 
  • Weekender works as a personal item 
  • Monogram your Weekender with hand-painting or embroidery to make it your own


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We like to think of these as one more way to personalize your Paravel pieces.

Cabana Strap

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We use upcycled materials in 100% of our products.

Good things come to those who don’t waste

Post-consumer recycled polycarbonate, predominantly sourced from discarded water cooler tanks and CD jewel cases, is low-impact, strong, and lightweight, making it perfect for our carbon-neutral suitcases.