Code of Social Responsibility

At Paravel we believe travel is an opportunity to improve ourselves and the world around us. We believe our luggage should improve the lives of those who make it, as well as those who use it. We expect our supply chain partners to share this commitment and require that all manufacturers of Paravel products abide our Code of Social Responsibility:


Our suppliers may not use underage labor, defined as anyone under the age of 16. Teens aged 16-18 may not be employed to work at night or under hazardous conditions.


Our suppliers may not use forced or involuntary labor in any form, such as prison, bonded, or indentured labor.


Our suppliers must treat all employees with dignity and respect. No supplier may use corporal punishment, threats of violence, or other forms of physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment or abuse.


Our suppliers must treat all employees equally and may not discriminate in hiring, firing, pay, promotion, discipline or other employment practices, based on race, religion, age, nationality, social or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, political opinion, or disability.


Our suppliers will respect all employees’ rights to associate, organize, and bargain collectively in a lawful and peaceful manner.


Fair wages are essential to meeting their employees’ basic needs. Suppliers will, at a minimum, comply with all applicable wage and hour laws and regulations, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime, maximum daily and weekly hours, piece rates and other elements of compensation, and provide legally mandated benefits. Employees are entitled to at least 24 consecutive hours off in every seven-day period, except under exceptional business circumstances.


Our suppliers must provide a healthy and safe work environment. Manufacturing facilities must comply with all applicable safety laws, codes and regulations, including for building and fire safety. Suppliers must provide periodic emergency evacuation training and regularly inspect to assure that emergency exits are not blocked, and that fire extinguishers and other emergency supplies are in good operating order. Suppliers must provide all employees, at a minimum, reasonable access to potable water and sanitary facilities, and adequate lighting and ventilation. These same health and safety standards apply to any supplier-provided housing for employees.


Paravel strives to limit the environmental footprint of our products and operations. All our suppliers must abide by all applicable environmental laws and regulations.


Suppliers are responsible for assuring that Paravel products meet all applicable legal requirements for safety and quality, and all Paravel specifications and standards, including, but not limited to, adherence to the Paravel Restricted Substances List (RSL).


Suppliers must comply with principles, practices and regulations that require animals in the Paravel supply chain to be treated ethically and humanely.


Suppliers may never, directly or indirectly, offer or accept any compensation or consideration of any kind or value (such as, but not limited to, gifts, discounts, services, loans, goods exchanges, promise of employment, or payments) to or from 1) any Paravel employee, affiliate, agent or service provider, 2) any government or political officials at any level, or 3) any testing laboratory conducting testing of Paravel products.


Our suppliers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations and are responsible for the compliance of any subcontractors. All references to "applicable laws and regulations" in this Code of Social Responsibility include local and national codes, rules and regulations as well as applicable treaties and voluntary industry standards. In the event of a conflict, the highest standard applies.


Suppliers are fully accountable for all actions of any subcontractors.


Suppliers must keep and maintain on-site accurate records to evince compliance with this Code of Conduct.


All suppliers must sign this Code of Conduct. By so doing you authorize Paravel, its designated agents, and designated third parties to engage in auditing or monitoring activities to confirm compliance with the Paravel Code of Social Responsibility. Such actions may include, but are not limited to, unannounced on-site inspection of manufacturing facilities and employer-provided housing; review of books and records relating to employment matters; and private interviews with employees.

ADOPTED: September 30, 2019